Parish Partnership

Dear Parishioner,

As many of you are already aware St. Monica’s and St. Benedict’s have been in partnership with the parishes of St. Paul’s Ayrfield and Holy Trinity Donaghmede for some time now.

Over the past few years we have worked together on some very important aspects of parish life, while maintaining our autonomy as individual parishes. The parish of Raheny is to be added to our partnership group.

Having regard for the sharp decline in the number of priests available for active service in the Archdiocese and the very high age profile of many of our priests, we are asked by Archbishop Farrell to come together, in partnership, pooling our resources, sharing our gifts and talents, to continue the mission of the Church, spreading the Gospel, offering service to the People of God and reflecting The Presence of Christ in the world, mindful of His promise ’to be with us always, even to the end of time.’ (Matt. 28:20)

The partnership of Raheny, Edenmore, Grange Park, Ayrfield and Donaghmede, comes into effect on the 8th of July next. The new arrangements will include changes in priest personnel and possibly Mass Times. The new arrangements have yet to be finalised.

We thank you for understanding these very necessary changes and we look forward to and welcome your participation, as together we can continue, parishioners, clergy, parish teams, laity and our excellent schools, to serve God and our neighbour and to work at improving all our liturgical celebrations.

Wishing God’s blessing on you all.

Fr. Paddy